• The garden is trimmed in winter

    With the gradual decline of winter temperature, some areas of gardens, orchards, trees from slow growth into the dormant period, in this period, it is particularly important to trim, plastic. Winter pruning can balance the tree, regulate the normal supply of water and nutrients, make it grow robu...
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  • Do you know anything about logging techniques? Sanhe Power Group to share with you!

    . Clear the site, open the safety road, plan the logging sequence, judge the direction of tree fall, and select the terrain to reduce the height of cutting root; 2. Accurately judge the sawing method of slag and slag, leaving strings and borrowing; Familiar with the cutting techniques of malforme...
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  • Autumn and winter landscaping necessary special machinery

    With the arrival of the autumn and winter season, landscaping has a lot of maintenance and cleaning work, such as large quantities of pruning trees and plants, cleaning leaves, processing pruning leaves, branches, sticks, cleaning snow and so on. If the application of special machinery can achiev...
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