• Foreign waste recycling action

    Brazil | Ethanol fuel project In 1975, a large-scale development program for the production of ethanol fuel from bagasse was initiated; Germany | Circular economy and waste law The policy of Engriffsregelung (an ecological protection measure and a source of “ecological compensation”) ...
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  • On the value of garden waste

    |Public perception| In the face of increasingly prominent environmental problems, any waste resources are likely to become a part of the sustainable system, in view of the garden solid waste recycling understanding is not in place. A lot of “landscaping waste” survey report shows that...
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  • Autumn and winter landscaping necessary special machinery

    With the arrival of the autumn and winter season, landscaping has a lot of maintenance and cleaning work, such as large quantities of pruning trees and plants, cleaning leaves, processing pruning leaves, branches, sticks, cleaning snow and so on. If the application of special machinery can achiev...
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